Welcome Pilgrim to this Lenten Journey

May this forty days we spend together enhance your interest, curiosity, and engagement in personal spirituality. May you come to know the Christ within you and know that Christ is within you. I will be using the word Christ instead of Jesus when I am speaking of the transformative spiritual energy that radiates within us, resurrecting our soul from the mundane and creating a personal transedence to a live and vital spirituality. May you experience the Holy One of Blessings in new and meaningful ways throughtout our journey together.

Enjoy fully, live well, experience transformative energy.

Robin B. Dilley, Ph.D.

Monday, March 14, 2011

God Takes Care of Us

I was looking forward to writing each day during Lent using this blog as part of my Lenten discipline.  However, when I arrived at my place of retreat for me three day break from the office,  I soon realized I left my computer power cord at home.  At first,  I gave into the emotional frustration and agitation which in reality seemed to be more about my disappointment of being without Internet vs. not being able to post on my new blog.  After sitting with myself and breathing, letting go of each agitation as it came toward me,  I began to relax into a peaceful and anticipatory mood.  I read more than I have read in months. One quote I want to share with you from Falling into the Arms of God: Meditations with Teresa of Avila is from the opening of Chapter 38 on the prayer of Quiet.  "As we become accustomed to spending time in stillness with ourselves and our God, we may come to notice a natural quietness beginning to develop in our soul.  We may feel it at anytime, day or night, whether we are engaged in activity or in meditation." 
This weekend I practiced feeling the presence of Christ at different times of the day.  I imagined Jesus in the Desert being tempted.  I wondered what He did there for 24 hours a day and how did  He set up a place for being on a spiritual journey.  I imagined myself there with Christ and walked along beside of Him, imagining Him speaking to me about the Desert, about Presence, and about Being Loved.
May you experience enough stillness in your life with Christ to allow the essence and experience of Divine Love feeding your soul.

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